Auto Refinancing Myths That Are Costing You Big

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Thinking about refinancing, but unsure if it’s worth the trouble?

You’ve probably explored some of the benefits of refinancing your car. But, something’s holding you back. 

Maybe you’re afraid it’ll hurt your credit. Or, perhaps the time spent comparison shopping might not be worth the savings.

There are so many myths surrounding credit and the majority hold little to no truth. In this refinancing guide, our team exposes the most common misconceptions and how they impact your car buying ability. 

In this free resource, you'll learn:
  1. Ways to comparison shop without negatively impacting your credit score
  2. How to navigate underwater or “upside down” loans and bring the balance in line with the vehicle’s current value
  3. How to calculate your potential savings (in monthly payments and overall interest) with auto loan refinancing
  4. And more!
15 Auto Refinancing Myths That Are Costing You Big
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